Seminars in a special ambience


    Organizing client seminars is in good hands with us. We organize training meetings and team building outings throughout the Netherlands. However, you can also choose to make use of our venue in the Luberon ( South-Eastern France). Whether you would want us just to facilitate a seminar or also contribute regarding content, everything is possible and tailor made.

    Our specialty is ‘creative entrepreneurship ‘.We collaborate with a number of different training and coaching companies. Our programmes are also very suitable to teambuilding for management teams and cooperation between members of the works council of big companies.

    Seminars: some examples

    Assisted by Volhart Coaching we organize 5 day programmes for family businesses, couples that run a business together or business partners or colleagues. Targets are carefully defined beforehand and we make sure there is also enough time for relaxation. Needless to say meals and refreshments are of a high standard. Most of these programmes are scheduled from Wednesday to Sunday with daily workshop sessions. Having participated in such meetings you will have the tools to make harmonious change possible in your company.

    We also organize seminars and workshops for people working in the field of education. We strongly feel that education such as it is now leaves a lot to be desired. It is important to offer today’s youth an education that prepares them for a fast changing world. Creativity, personal development, ideas and individuality should be stimulated. 

    Matty, with a degree and years of experience in the field of education, is especially equipped to lead such seminars. Also, she has recourse to other experts in this field.