La Mystelle project management and concept development

    Project management and concept development

    Creative people excel in developing new concepts and ideas and are good at thinking out of the box. In combination with a positive attitude this generally leads to the best results.

    We have been familiar with concept development for many years now, be it related to commercial projects or projects of social importance. We think in terms of opportunities not restrictions.

    We have the skills to give existing projects a new direction or assist starting a completely new project. At any given moment we can take over the management of a project. Development of entirely new projects is also our strong point.

    Project management: a practical example

    In a newly developed housing estate in the North of the Netherlands we started a project entitled ‘Neighbour’ This project, subsidized by the EU, was aimed at finding solutions for a meaningful combination of work, living and care. The objective was for newcomers to familiarize themselves in a short period of time with their new environment: car pooling, taking care of each others kids and bringing the services in the neighbourhood at an acceptable level. All this with digital support in a world that had not yet even heard of Facebook.We won a prize for most successful computerization programme in the province of Drenthe. The project immensely increased the quality of life for the people who had just moved to the new estate. 

    Incidentally, this project can be copied and still is to this day.

    Concept development: an example of an assignment

    For the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment we developed a number of successful solutions for highly educated women with the aim to simplify combining their work/home responsibilities as well as – on the other side of the spectrum – to facilitate  meaningful careers for women with limited education on social benefit in various professions.

    For these (franchise) concepts we received several awards, amongst others a best practice award.


    Many attempts have been made to optimize the current way of raising and teaching children. It is important that you educate children to be positive and resilient people with enough baggage knowledge to develop in a rapidly changing world. There are many “soft” subjects that are given too little attention. Creativity, personal development, own ideas and individuality should not be limited, but stimulated.

    La Mystelle has many ideas on how to do that. Matty’s teaching qualification is a basis for realizing it. Various participants and positive thinkers want to participate. Now the establishment, in the interest of the whole of society! Pablo Picasso, the greatest and most prolific artist of the 20th century, said: “It took my whole life (93 years) to draw as a child.”