La Mystelle interim management and reorganization

    Interim management and reorganization

    nterim assignments are clearly defined. No unpleasant surprises for you as our client regarding start, finish, lead time and finances. No cure no pay assignments are possible. Out of pocket costs will, of course, be charged to the client’s account.

    We are proud to say that we have a number of successful reorganisations in our portfolio. Ranging from non-profit companies with a hydrocephalus to organizations dealing with a growth spurt or takeover process.

    We have ample experience in franchising, both from the perspective of the franchisor and the franchisee. Within our network we can easily appeal to experts in the legal and personnel business. 

    Interim management: an example of an assignment

    The biggest franchise organisation in the graphic industry, with at the time 1200 branches worldwide, had to make the transition from product oriented to customer oriented.This very traditional industry was in dire need of adaptation to modern times: a stronger focus on digitization, a new positioning in the market and satisfied franchisors.

    The industry was successfully reorganized to meet the demands of the future and all franchisors are to date making a good living.

    Reorganization: an example of an assignment

    Because of our specific knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry we were given the assignment to reorganize one of the major employers’ organizations in the Netherlands.

    The major objectives were: downsizing, introducing a more customer friendly attitude and also giving the company more resilience.

    This was certainly a challenging assignment due to the fact that we were dealing with an organization that was characterized by vested rights. Our efforts led to a more flexible organization with a clear view on the – digitized – future.