La Mystelle leert u ondernemen met creativiteit

    Creative entrepreneurship

    Creativity is a term often associated with the artistic sector. However, developing and stimulating creative thinking is of overall importance for society as a whole, especially in a technological or business environment.The same applies to education. 

    People’s actions are not solely based on ratio. Thus, finding solutions requires a creative approach. Creative people come up with innovative solutions and that is why present day society needs them.

    How do we make the difference?

    Rules and restrictions are not the starting point for creative thinkers. On the contrary, they feel at liberty to opt for a new and surprising approach to problems a company might face.

    Combining life and work experience with creative thinking we come up with solutions your company has not yet even considered. Creative and positive thinkers will find it easier to convince your staff of the need to change. Their enthusiasm and passion also play a decisive role in this process.